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Professional Grafting Tool
Professional Grafting Tool
Professional Grafting Tool
Professional Grafting Tool

Professional Grafting Tool

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It makes the perfect clean cut every time you used it. It will work on many kinds of plants, especially on fruit trees. The package also included total 3 blades: OMEGA type, V-type, U-type these blades are very durable & strong, they will last much longer & stay sharper than regular blades.

Package including 1x grafting tool with one blade, 2x extra blades 

How to do grafting :

  • After you have selected a good scion(one-year-old, w/at least 2 sections of joint above) & cut it (wipe grafting tool cutting blade with alcohol) to perfectly fit to root-stock (cambium layer must be contacted well), tying with nursery tape or rubber(must be a tight joint point).Tip: use a measuring caliper to find close size diameter branch for scion & root-stock.
  • Apply the environmental friendly grafting tape over the grafting area, overlap 3 to 4 times, make sure it is tight (airtight: prevent rain/water, bacteria or any other disease from getting into grafting area and keeps the moisture inside the grafting/joint area). Also apply tree seal to cover any new-cut expose area(to prevent infection & keep moisture inside scion/root-stock, very important!!), especially on scion’s tip point, must apply the seal to prevent die back effect.
  • Cover the grafting area with a clear plastic bag(spray some filtered water into inner bag area, to keep moisture inside the bag, Do not spray water at grafting area). If there is direct sunlight over the grafting area, use brown paper lunch bag to cover it for protection.
  • After 3 weeks, if the scion still looks pretty greenish, then it is great chance that you will see the new bud coming out from Scion in 4 to 8 weeks depends on temperature & weather.

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